Mechanics for Sustainable and Resilient Systems

Welcome to EMI 2014!

Building advanced, sustainable communities of the future will require a meshing of increasingly sophisticated technological, scientific, economic, cultural, and social expertise.  Intelligent transportation, health modeling, energy integration, and investment allocation for sustainability, are just a few areas which need to be urgently addressed.

As hosts of the 2014 Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Conference of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) from August 5 to 8, McMaster University looks forward to providing the forum where world leading experts will share their ideas, research and successes for developing tomorrow’s critical infrastructure systems.

The theme of this year’s conference is Mechanics for Sustainable and Resilient Systems. We welcome the participation and contributions of all academic disciplines, professionals, industry representatives, and public officials. There are many ways to contribute whether through an abstract submission, sponsorship, as an exhibitor, or as an attendee. We look forward to hearing from you.

This will be the first time the EMI Conference is held outside of the United States. While we are neighbours who have much in common, Canada also has unique insights and approaches to challenges we all face. Our multicultural nation brings together varied experiences and points of view that we hope will provoke and inspire you.

We also welcome the opportunity for delegates to experience the cultural, geographic and economic diversity of Canada, and more particularly the Hamilton region, with its many and varied sights and attractions.

We look forward to seeing you at McMaster in August 2014.

Dr. Samir Chidiac
Conference Chair

Conference events:

August 5: Ice Breaker Reception
August 6, 7 & 8: Full conference program
August 6: Welcome Reception
August 7: Conference banquet

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Dr. Ronaldo I. Borja, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Persistent Shear Band in Unsaturated Porous Materials

Dr. Jiun-Shyan (JS) Chen, William Prager Endowed Chair, Department of Structural Engineeering, University of California, San Diego
Fracture to Damage Multiscale Mechanics and Modeling

Dr. Marta C. González, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Big Data Analytics for Energy Efficiency of Cities

Dr. Abani Patra, Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, University at Buffalo
Mechanics and Computing for Hazard Risk Analysis

Dr. Stan Pietruszczak, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, McMaster University
Modeling of Progressive Damage in Masonry/Concrete Structures within Power Generation Facilities

Dr. Ishwar K. Puri, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, McMaster University
Soft Material Nanomechanics



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